Many Shiny Toy Guns fans have seen the promo photo Benjy Russell took of them for their upcoming album |||.

Last night on a whim I decided to create my own tribute photo. This was the result.

I’m pretty happy with it. This is the first time I’ve tried doing any sort of tribute to another artist, it was challenging enough - and that’s just with the set-up.

I took it in my bathroom, MySpace style. I had two led lamps set up - one of which was my desk lamp. I had one gel and the other was created by coloring on plastic wrap with a red sharpie and layering it three times. The prep took a few hours. I shot around 100 versions of this over the course of another hour (self-photography is a bitch…) before I was happy with the result. Then I edited it in post to mimic the original images.

Now I just have to photoshop his picture so it looks like I’m in the band HA

EDIT: STG reposted this on their page, sweeeeet!

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Posted on Wednesday, 22 August
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